November 6, 2022 | Thirty-Second Sunday of Ordinary Time, Year C

Opening Prayer

God of power and mercy,
Protect us from all harm.
Give us freedom of Spirit
And health in mind and body
to do your work on earth.
We ask this through our Lord Jesus Christ, your Son,
Who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit,
God, forever and ever.

Upcoming Events:

KofC Annual Thanksgiving Food Drive | Nov. 11-20
Knights of Columbus (Ossineke Council 6851) annual Thanksgiving food drive will take place from November 11 to November 20, 2022. Drop off non-perishable food at St. Catherine and St Gabriel parish halls. Food will be delivered to St Vincent DePaul in Mikado.

Hunters Bake Sale at St. Raphael | Nov 12
St. Raphael will  be holding a  hunters bake sale next Saturday Nov 12th after mass. Please plan on baking and or buying a scrumptious treat. Proceeds go to pay for refreshments after mass and other special events.

Catechism Quote for the Week:
The World was Created for the Glory of God

CCC 293: “Scripture and Tradition never cease to teach and celebrate this fundamental truth: “The world was made for the glory of God.” St. Bonaventure explains that God created all things “not to increase his glory, but to show it forth and to communicate it,” for God has no other reason for creating than his love and goodness: “Creatures came into existence when the key of love opened his hand.” The First Vatican Council explains: This one, true God, of his own goodness and “almighty power”, not for increasing his own beatitude, nor for attaining his perfection, but in order to manifest this perfection through the benefits which he bestows on creatures, with absolute freedom of counsel “and from the beginning of time, made out of nothing both orders of creatures, the spiritual and the corporeal.”

CCC 294: “The glory of God consists in the realization of this manifestation and communication of his goodness, for which the world was created. God made us “to be his sons through Jesus Christ, according to the purpose of his will, to the praise of his glorious grace,” for “the glory of God is man fully alive; moreover man’s life is the vision of God: if God’s revelation through creation has already obtained life for all the beings that dwell on earth, how much more will the Word’s manifestation of the Father obtain life for those who see God.” The ultimate purpose of creation is that God “who is the creator of all things may at last become “all in all”, thus simultaneously assuring his own glory and our beatitude.”

Our Communion with the Martyrs

CCC 2473: “Martyrdom is the supreme witness given to the truth of the faith: it means bearing witness even unto death. the martyr bears witness to Christ who died and rose, to whom he is united by charity. He bears witness to the truth of the faith and of Christian doctrine. He endures death through an act of fortitude. “Let me become the food of the beasts, through whom it will be given me to reach God.”

CCC 2474: “The Church has painstakingly collected the records of those who persevered to the end in witnessing to their faith. These are the acts of the Martyrs. They form the archives of truth written in letters of blood: Neither the pleasures of the world nor the kingdoms of this age will be of any use to me. It is better for me to die [in order to unite myself] to Christ Jesus than to reign over the ends of the earth. I seek him who died for us; I desire him who rose for us. My birth is approaching. I bless you for having judged me worthy from this day and this hour to be counted among your martyrs. You have kept your promise, God of faithfulness and truth. For this reason and for everything, I praise you, I bless you, I glorify you through the eternal and heavenly High Priest, Jesus Christ, your beloved Son. Through him, who is with you and the Holy Spirit, may glory be given to you, now and in the ages to come. Amen.”

Catechism of the Catholic Church, Numbers 293-294; 2473-2474.