Location: 2531 E. F-30 Mikado, MI 48745

Parish History

Established in 1895 as a mission by Fr. Douce with the assistance of Fr. Poulin who later took over the task of completing the church in Mikado. On August 13, 1895 Bishop Richter of Grand Rapids dedicated the Mikado Church. In 1856 new pews and a new entrance were added and the Knights of Columbus was established. Around the years 1972 – 1985 the Religious Education Program was started along with the building of the commons area and the classroom space. Between 1985 – 1994 the Mikado St. Vincent de Paul Conference was started as well as the store. From 1994 – 2006 a side entrance, 5 classrooms, a furnace room, DRE office and additional seating was added for the congregation. As we continue to worship we can now appreciate all those who helped get our church and congregation to where it is today.